Year One

To mark my first year of business in Houston, I wanted to start to journal about the entire process. Being in business for yourself has proven to be tremendously rewarding, but unimaginably difficult. There are so many things from social media and marketing, to planning and strategizing, to even coping with competition among other florists in the local market. I am just not used to it and like anyone, I struggle. 

I haven’t achieved any of the goals that I set out for myself and it is terribly frustrating as a person who typically accomplishes what I set my mind to. I have experienced a plethora of set backs, yet I continue to push forward because this is where I find my joy. Through this process though, I have found a solid team of ladies with whom I love to work alongside. If it wasn’t for this humble tribe of women, I am not sure that I would find the courage to chug along. 

Patience is not exactly one of my virtues and I have a difficult time with being covetous of other’s success when I feel that I work just as hard. I find that my female friendships are one of the most valuable aides in my arsenal. Something in particular that I have struggled with during this first year is working authentically in an industry that is so contrived. I want my work to reflect joyous moments with meaning for couples as opposed to events that are in it just for the Insta likes. That just isn’t me and that is not what my work is about. It is difficult for me watching other florists compose these disingenuous moments which create this illusion for clients that their events have to look like everything they find on Pinterest or it is not good enough.

I feel this perpetuates a false sense of what the industry really looks like and feeds into these feelings of inadequacy in people. One of the biggest challenges I have faced in my first year is managing client expectations as well as those of other industry professionals.  The unfortunate reality is that my joy and passion for flowers does not put food on my table or a roof over my head. With that being said, I have had to turn away so many clients who come to me with their inspiration images neatly organized, wanting $15,000 worth of flowers with a $2,000 budget. That is hard. I hate telling people no, but I also want my work to be valued. Finding that balance is difficult, but then again I face that same challenge in other areas as well. I would like to eat a dozen tacos at a time, but I also want to be able to button my pants. #thestruggleisreal

Miller Jenkinson